Achievers Plus
is Nanyang Polytechnic's Official supplier of Graduation Attires and we are pleased to offer both the Sale and Rental of Graduation Attires. All Graduands participating in the Graduation Ceremony will be required to put on the Graduation Attire.
All Graduands are strongly encouraged to order their Graduation Attire Online.

All Graduands are reminded to register their attendance at the Graduation Ceremony with the Polytechnic by 5 May 2014.


   Rental / Purchase Cost

   The Graduation Attire maybe be Rented or Purchased at the following costs :-

 Attire (Rental)


  $28.70 (Rental + prevailing GST)
  $28.70 (Refundable Deposit + prevailing GST)

 Attire (Purchase)

  Purchase + (prevailing GST)

    You may Order / Collect your Graduation Attire as follows :-

  Online Ordering of Graduation Attire

Online ordering will open on 3 April 2014 and will close on 25 May 2014.
Please go to and click on Online Order Form.
Follow the steps to order your attire and other accessories that you want.
Remember to print your Online Order Form for Collection Day.

Note: Follow the instructions closely for your Attire Size using the Measurement  
          and Size Chart
(A copy of the chart is attached for your reference).

Graduands who ordered Online can collect their Attire during the Campus Attire-Collection Period (CAP). You are required to bring (1) Your (print-out) Online Order Form from our website (2) Student Card/ NRIC / Passport, in order to collect your attire.

*Home Delivery can be arranged at a nominal cost per Graduation Attire. Last day for Home Delivery service orders will be on 11 May 2014.


On Campus Attire-Collection Period will be from 5 - 10 May, 12 May, 14 May and 24 May 2014 in Room  B.104B located at Blk B, Level 1, School of Business Management. The Graduation Attire Collection Schedule for the different Schools is attached at APPENDIX A. Please follow the schedule for smooth transaction and payment.

Graduands who have placed their Orders Online can collect their Graduation Attire and make payment during this period. Graduands who missed Online Ordering can also place their order, make payment and collect their Graduation Attires during this period. Payment must be made on the day you collect your Graduation Attire. Payment can be in CASH or NETS.

If you are unable to collect your Graduation Attire, you may appoint someone to collect on your behalf. Please complete the Authorization Form (Collection) found at our website,, print it and sign.

The authorized person must bring – (1) Authorisation Form (Collection) completed and signed, (2) Authorised Person’s NRIC / Passport (3) Your Student Card / NRIC / Passport and (4) Your (print-out) Online Order Form, inorder to collect  the Graduation Attire.


We can arrange for Home Delivery Service within Singapore at a charge of $10 per attire. You will receive your Graduation Attire by 24 May 2014. Deadline for delivery service order will be 11 May 2014.